Enjoy our collection of easy, simple Christmas cake recipe from around the world. Christmas cake ideas from Bundt caked to fruitcakes, from Yule logs to rolled logs, you will find a Christmas cake right for you. Enjoy the fruits (and cakes!) of the season!

List of Christmas Cake Recipes

About Christmas Cake Recipes

Though not all cultures around the world celebrate the holiday of Christmas, many celebrate the season by enjoying Christmas cakes. Christmas cakes may take various forms depending on the country doing the baking, but most are fruit-based, are enhanced with citrus and nuts, and may include rum, whiskey, and other sweet liquor in the batter. Some are dark and dense; others are light and spongy – all are made to highlight the sweetness of the season and pleasure with community and loved ones. Here you can find best Christmas cake recipes which are very delicious and eye-catching!