What do you love cooking, but hate eating?

Jul, 27 2023

The Joy of Cooking, Not Eating

As a food blogger and a home cook, I've whipped up everything from the simplest scrambled eggs to the most complex French pastries. But, interestingly enough, some of my absolute favorite dishes to cook are ones that I hate to eat. I know, it sounds strange, but let me explain.

There's something incredibly satisfying about the process of cooking, even if the final product isn't something that you enjoy consuming. It's about the creativity, the skill, the experiment and the challenge. It's the thrill of taking disparate ingredients and turning them into something new and beautiful. So, let's delve into some of those dishes that I love to cook, but hate to eat.

The Artistry of Sushi

There's no denying that sushi is an art form. From selecting the freshest fish to rolling the perfect maki, every step requires precision and care. I adore the process of making sushi, which is both soothing and satisfyingly methodical. I love the bright colors of the fish and the vegetables, and the way the rice feels in my hands.

However, as much as I enjoy making sushi, I simply can't stand eating it. The combination of the raw fish and the seaweed is just not for me. But, that doesn't stop me from making sushi for my friends and family who do love it. In fact, it's one of my favorite dishes to prepare when hosting dinner parties.

The Challenge of Baking Bread

There's something incredibly satisfying about baking your own bread. The process is time-consuming and requires a good deal of patience, but the end result is always worth it. Kneading the dough, watching it rise, and finally seeing it turn into a golden loaf in the oven is a rewarding experience like no other.

However, for me, the enjoyment ends there. I've never been a big fan of bread. I find it too heavy and filling, and I'd much rather fill up on the main course. But, the process of making bread is something I enjoy immensely, and the smell of freshly baked bread is simply irresistible. Plus, my family adores homemade bread, so it's always a hit at home.

Delicacy of French Pastries

French pastries are another thing that I love to make but hate to eat. The process of making pastries is a delicate and intricate one. It requires patience, precision, and a good deal of skill. From making the perfect puff pastry to crafting the most delicate macarons, I find the whole process incredibly satisfying.

But when it comes to eating these pastries, I just can't enjoy them. They're often too sweet for my taste, and I find the flavors to be too rich and overwhelming. But, that doesn't stop me from making them. There's something incredibly rewarding about seeing a batch of perfect pastries come out of the oven, and they're always a hit at parties and gatherings.

The Technique of Risotto

Risotto is a dish that requires a lot of love and attention. It needs to be stirred constantly, with hot stock added little by little until it's perfectly creamy and al dente. I absolutely love the process of making risotto. It's therapeutic, in a way, and it's always a challenge to get it just right.

However, when it comes to eating risotto, it's just not my favorite. I find the texture to be too creamy and rich, and it's simply too heavy for my liking. But, that doesn't stop me from making it. I love the challenge of it, and it's always a crowd-pleaser when I serve it to guests.

The Complexity of Curry

Curry is a dish that's packed with flavor and complexity. From the toasting of the spices to the slow simmering of the sauce, every step is a labor of love. I love the process of making curry, and the smell that fills the house is simply intoxicating.

But, despite my love for cooking it, I simply can't stand the taste of curry. The flavors are too strong for my palate, and I find it too spicy for my liking. But, that doesn't stop me from making it. I take pride in the complexity and depth of flavor in my curries, and my friends and family always appreciate the effort.